Visit Cameroon National Museum Yaoundé

Built on a surface of 5,000 m2, the National Museum of Cameroon, which symbolizes the regeneration and revival of Cameroonian culture, has about thirty equipped rooms:
– Cultural symbols of Cameroon: traditional masks, musical instruments: mvet, castagnattes, sanitary pads, bells…, of traditional dwellings,
– de Polyptyque (giant canvas made by a dozen African artists, offered to Cameroon in June 2014 by the great-granddaughter of Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza, the Italian Idana Pucci.
– Of Emblem (armocards, national flag with hymn in literary and musical versions)
– Photographic catalogues of the last 50 years of Cameroon (10 years per room with a summary of political, social, economic and diplomatic events marking this period)
maps showing the different modifications of the surface of Cameroon.
– Examples of the constitution, archaeological discoveries
portraits of nationalists, sportsmen, musicians and all those who have made Cameroon’s political history since its independence.
National Museum of Cameroon is open every day from 10 am to 6 pm except Mondays
– students and students, the subscription is 15000 Fcfa/year,
– An adult accompanied by a child under 5 years old pays the amount of 2500 Fcfa,
– Single adult, 2000 Fcfa,
– Children aged 5 to 10 years, 1000 Fcfa as well as people with reduced mobility or visual and hearing impaired.
– foreigners (tourists or residents): 5000 Fcfa
– the groups of school people: 10000 Fcfa / person
– adult groups: Fcfa 30000 / 10 people.
– foreign adult groups the amount of Fcfa 50000 for 10 people.