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Luxecam Tour Operators Cameroon promises luxury accommodations, authentic interactions, breathtaking wildlife and lifelong memories to our travelers. From the moment you land in Cameroon to your final departure, we are dedicated to making every detail of your itinerary flawless, providing seamless service throughout the entire experience. Our travel agents are experts in putting together complex itineraries to Cameroon.
Luxecam Tours Cameroon stands out with a genuine identity expressing diversity and stability, modernity and traditions, dynamism and calm, at once. At Luxecam tours we are exited to embark on the funniest vacations and holidays. Luxecam Tours, Best tourism agency Cameroon, we care about the whole journey, pack your bags and be ready to explore Cameroon with us.

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Luxecam Tourism Agency Cameroon offers flexible terms and conditions that accommodate last-minute changes and cancellations, booking your trip has never been easier. Be it your first time in Cameroon or your a Cameroonian looking to explore the country in style & luxury we offer customized tour packages tailored to fit your budget.

About Cameroon

Cameroon is situated in Central Africa, at juncture of the Gulf of Guinea. It is bounded on the North by Chad, on the East by the Central Africa Republic, on the South by Congo, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea and on the West by Nigeria.
Cameroon is a country with several major towns, amongst which are YAOUNDE, the political capital of the country with about one million inhabitants. DOUALA, which is the major economic city, has more than two million inhabitants and other main towns are GAROUA, BAFOUSSAM, MAROUA, BAMENDA etc.

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Luxecam Tours is effortlessly blended into the transqulity of nature, striving to provide the perfect coordinated level of service and privacy.  In creating unforgettable experiences,  our dedicated team of experienced travel professionals will meet every detail with meticulous attention just the way you imagine it making sure that every memory you make has a true  personal touch and exploratory nature adventure. Our outstanding dedication to build the most influential tourism company in Cameroon and beyond as well as being a highly respectable company advocating for best business practices in numerous sectors by interacting with the media, mutually beneficial collaboration that supports locals, national, regional and continental economic development agenda.

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Why Cameroon?

“All of Africa in a single Country”. This is a slogan of inspiration for all those who visit Cameroon and especially for experts in Cameroon’s Ministry of Tourism.


The number of tourists coming to Cameroon increased from 200 000 in 2001 to about 300 000 in 2003 and this figure has steadily increased over the years.


A highly diverse cultures with more than 200 ethnic groups, an exceptional geological, ecological and botanic potential, wildlife in its natural form and varied climatic conditions.