Thalassa Beach Mbalmayo

The Thalassa Beach of Mbalmayo is an idyllic place, a magnificent landscape which benefits from a well-preserved biodiversity and which stands out for its beauty. Located a few minutes from the city of Yaounde, this ecotourist village offers visitors a typical odyssey in a natural setting designed to flourish discreetly. There are for example, islets with all-white sandbanks, fish ponds and many other spaces that nature has graced it with. A short visit to this beautiful white sand beach will certainly create unforgettable moments.


  • Swimming in clear water
  • Panic and depression guaranteed for couples, family or friends.
  • Fishing in the pond and grilling by yourself (barbecue provided on site)
  • Camping and dinner around the fire
  • Strolling and site exploring
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Tasting fresh fish
  • Birthday setup & private photoshoot

This unique place is highly recommended for your photo shoots, video clips or shows. You can get there by motorcycle and also by car.
Entry price: 2,500 frs.
NB: There is no restaurant on site, you can bring your crust, your meal or place a tailor-made order in advance.

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