Thalassa Beach Mbalmayo

Thalassa Beach of Mbalmayo is an idyllic place, a magnificent landscape which benefits from a well-preserved biodiversity and which stands out for its beauty. Located a few minutes from the city of Yaoundé, this ecotourist village offers visitors a typical odyssey in a natural setting designed to flourish discreetly.  For example, there are islets with all-white sandbanks, fish ponds and many other spaces that nature has graced it with.

This unique place is highly recommended for your photo shoots, video clips or shows. Thalassa Beach Mbalmayo is only few minutes from downtown. You can get there by motorcycle and also by car.
Entry price: 2,500 frs FCFA
NB: There is no restaurant on site, you can bring your crust, your meal or place a tailor-made order in advance.

A short visit to this place will certainly do you good.

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