Mami Waterfalls Dschang

This beautiful site is situated about 80 kilometres from Dschang, in the village of Fongo-Tongo.

These falls are rushed up to m in a small winding river, in the heart of a sacred forest where hunting is forbidden. In this forest, there are large populations of monkeys and some panthers.

For the little story, Boussif Wata means “water engineering or siren! ‘. Indeed, legend reports that a fairy lives in the bottom of the water, under the fall… At the origin of this legend: a simple light game in reality.

To visit:

When you get to Dshang, At the Tsinfem market, the taxis motorbikes are used leading the tourists to the site realising FCFA 2,000 negotiable. About FCFA 2,000 per person for the visit of the falls.

However, you can book us and everything will be made accessible to you !!

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