The Beauty of Lake Tison

Invading like the beauty of the moon, Lake Tison is as mysterious as the contours of the earth that cannot really be penetrated and known. Located 15km from the town of Ngaoundéré, this is no ordinary water point. But a shrubby savannah environment is characterized by the presence of a crater lake which changes its colours depending on the time of day. The average depth of this lake is 48 meters and 300 meters in diameter,

says Minister of State Bello Bouba Maïgari. Hence the tourist point of view of the ecotourism site. The State attaches importance to it, hence the allocation of 300 million FCFA for the renovation of this site after fires. It will therefore have 3 boucarous, a dining room, relaxation areas and a large party room.

The government also plans to provide the site with a drinking water point worth 10 million CFA francs. An opportunity for tourism via the Lake of attraction, to participate in the development from its natural assets by creating new jobs and to measure the importance of the attraction sector for sustainable and economic development as well as integration social of local populations.

Volcanic lake installed on a mountain range called the Cameroonian dorsal, it is a place of sport, walks and rest for the inhabitants of the city and the tourists.

Nearly 3,500 internal and external tourists visit Lake Tison each year, a site visited by the Germans in the 1900s. 

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