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The ALCEF Riviera Amusement Park is located in the town of Limbe in the South West Region of Cameroon. It is found at the location in the town of Limbe which is commonly called “Mile Four.” It stands just off the main thoroughfare into the town and is therefore directly accessible – and, by virtue of its situation on the sloping land into Limbe, also highly visible – from the highway. The parcel of land attributed to ALCEF covers a little over two hectares – precisely 2ha 00a 88ca, and The Riviera Amusement Park currently covers about one-third of this surface.

The promoter of this venture is a strong believer in the adage, “a healthy mind in a healthy body!” Therefore, the Amusement Park was set up with the objective of providing the necessary playground distractions, amusement and exercise, firstly for the children and staff of the ALCEF educational institutions, and secondly – at weekends – for the entire population, adults and children alike, of the Limbe municipality, its environs and for all who visit the town.

Activities in the Park are geared towards providing wholesome, outdoor amusement for all, and enhancing the learning experience of the children who visit it through healthy and vigorous physical and mental exercise. It has swings, see-saws, merry-go-rounds, a trampoline and a train and rocking cars… simply tons of other similar structures to give children some of the most thrilling moments they’ll ever have! It also has structures and activities of interest to adults like its magnificent, Olympic-size swimming pool, a football field, billiards, ping-pong, and “table foot,” a restaurant with five-star cooking, a snack and drink area in its exquisite Riviera Relax gardens, a fish pond and a ” Riviera-by-night ” programme which offers dinner accompanied by live music.

There are also plans to build tennis and basketball courts, and a mini-golf course, all of which will provide an excellent opportunity for adults seeking to have fun activities along with their children. Lastly, the Park provides an ideal location to hold parties and receptions of ALL kinds including weddings, alongside serving as a destination for school and other excursions, picnics, and live outdoor music and other concerts. In setting up the ALCEF Riviera Amusement Park, the Management hopes to:

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