Chutes de la lobé

The Waterfalls of Lobé are located at around 300km south-west of Yaoundé, the capital of Cameroun. The specificities of the falls are due to the groupings of streams that run along with a series of cascades over a distance of 1 kilometre and which form a majestic cloud around the falls, the highest falls measure 20 metres in height before tumbling into the Atlantic Ocean.

The waterfalls of Lobé represent a strong basis of the symbolic beliefs of the Batanga, Maabi and Pygmee peoples that live in the environs and associate the falls with various cultural rites.

The significance of the site that this cultural landscape has in these peoples’ lives implies the necessity for their involvement in the process of management and the preparation of the nomination proposal for its inscription.

Furthermore, it is a very nice place to relax and have some fresh fish,
Romantic gateway for couples and family. Although there is just not enough activities, you can bring your own things to do after the canoe ride.