Safari adventure tour or expedition into the wilds of Cameroon with Luxecam Tour Guides. Safari travel often provides revenue for local conservation projects and game parks, supporting the protection of wildlife and habitats, rather than taking them out.

Cameroon is surely one o them as the country has no shortage in regards to adventure activities, interesting attractions and things to do on your safari. Cameroon has a rich history to explore with a diversity of adventure activities to offer to holidaymakers that will surely make your holiday a very memorable adventure.

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Best Seasons:May, June, July, August
Popular Location:South West, Kribi, Edea

    Ring Road Tour

    6 Days

    At the end of this tour, you will realize that you’ve gone through some of the most beautiful and exotic landscapes in the world, quite suitable for adventure and nature lovers alike. Discover a variety of landscapes, very hilly and…

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      Gorilla Safari trecking

      5 Days

      As you think of a safari, two special destinations in Cameroon, Waza National Park, and Volcanoes Mefou National Park near Yaounde, offer an incredible 5-day offer. You will have an incredible opportunity to see the rare endangered mountain gorillas that…

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