Rural Life and Culture

Bimbia was an independent state of Isubu people of Cameroon, in 1884 annexed by the Germans and incorporated in the colony of Kamerun. It lies in Southwest Region, to the south of Mount Cameroon and to the west of the Wouri estuary. Is situated at the East coast of the Limbe Sub Division.

The village of Bokova is one of the villages of Buea sub-division. It is located at the foot of Mount Cameroon, the highest mountain in West Africa with an altitude of 4070 m. The accommodation is at the center of the village. The village is peaceful and offers a breathtaking panorama of the surrounding nature.

The accommodation is characterized by warm welcome and modern amenities. Activities near the accommodation are numerous. It is possible to enjoy a traditional dance festival, bird watching, local flora and fauna, agrotourism and several hiking trails. Then, a must stay is the rise of Mount Cameroon.

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Best Seasons:March, April, May, August
Popular Location:Bimbia, Bokova

Rural Tours

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