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Col Of Koza Tour


On Col Koza, a mountain pass situated on eleven hundred meters, you have a magnificent view of the surroundings. On the artfully landscaped terraces grow the Mafa, the ethnic group in this region, millet (type of maize). The villages full of round huts (owned by men) with pointed roofs seem to cling to the steep slopes, the number of huts of a man is determined by the number of women he has. With their mud and stone walls and roofs of dried millet stalks are the villages much like small fortresses or eagle nests.

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      Culture, Discovery, History
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    1. Day 1 Douala - Maroua

      Breakfast. Transfer to the airport for a flight to Maroua from 6:30 to 8:30. Reception at the airport of Maroua at 11:00, lunch at the Porte Mayo and Installation, and early afternoon, you will visit the city of Maroua, market, handicrafts, market traditional medicines, the tannery, etc…

      Dinner and overnight at the door mayo.

    2. Day 2 Maroua - Maga

      Breakfast. Departure Maga through Pouss where you will stroll through the market and in the Sultanate. Continue to visit where you Mourla boxes Mousgoum shells. An impressive traditional architecture.

      Arrive at Maga for lunch at Domaine Safari Danay (pool). The afternoon boat ride on the lake and between the islands. Meeting with fishermen nomadic Fulani herders and Arabs M’Bororo Chouas graze by tens of thousands of zebu cattle on the islands. Observation of hippos and many bird species.

      Dinner and overnight at Safari Danay area.

    3. Day 3 Maga - Waza National Park - Maga

      Breakfast. Drive to the Waza National Park through Alagarno and by crossing the park from south to north. Photo safari through 170,000 hectares in Far North Cameroon. Its fauna is rich and varied. There are many lions, herds of elephants, giraffes, ostriches, hartebeest, sable antelope, waterbuck of Buffon, hyenas, dendrocynes, buffalo, big birds (vultures, Marabous, crown cranes, etc …). Picnic lunch in the park or camp Waza.

      Continuation of safari in the afternoon and return to the Safari Danay.

      Dinner and overnight at Safari Danay

    4. Day 4 Maga - Waza National Park - Maga

      Breakfast. Morning and afternoon safari in the park.

      Lunch at the camp or Picnic Waza.

      Dinner and overnight at Safari Danay.

    5. Day 5 Maga -Djinglyia

      Breakfast, then departure for Oudjilla via Maroua. You will visit the leadership Podoko headed by a Chief and 47 women. Continuation of the splendid neck Koza where you can observe the Sares (sets of traditional huts) to blank hillside amidst terraced fields. Djinglyia stop, the Women’s Handicraft Cooperative.

      Mokolo road to reach the plateau at 1000 m Rhumsiki. Kapsiki dances.

      Dinner and overnight at Camp Rhumsiki (pool).

    6. Day 6 Craftsman Carving

      Breakfast. Morning hike in the valley by the border between Cameroon and Nigeria to a small village craftsman carving and making traditional musical instruments. You will cross the rocky outcrops that make its uniqueness.

      Lunch at the camp or in a small restaurant. In the afternoon, visit the village, interview crab sorcerers, weavers, and potters.

      Dinner and overnight at Camp Rhumsiki.

    7. Day 7 Rhumsiki - Maroua

      Today, after breakfast, around 9:00, visit the Sunday market Rhumsiki, lunch, then down to Maroua early afternoon. Installing the Door Mayo and then you can continue to visit the town of Maroua and make your last purchase souvenirs North.

      Dinner and overnight at the Porte Mayo

    8. Day 8 Maroua - Douala

      Breakfast, then to 9:00, depart for the airport to check-in for the 9:30 flight to Douala 11:30, arrival in Douala at 14:40, reception, a tour of the city, the flower market and the Palace of the Kings Bell, dinner in and a typical restaurant around 21:00, transfer to the airport for the flight to Paris 11:45 p.m.

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