Lake Oku

The Magnificent Lake Oku

Lake Oku is a beautiful crater lake surrounded by lush forests.  You can choose to either hike there and back or take a motorbike taxi there and hike the return part of the trip.  Oku Forest is a nature reserved, set up by BirdLife International and there are many species to be found there, including the rare Bannerman’s turaco and a rare breed of frog which is endemic to the area.  There are much other rare flora and fauna within the forest.  Of course, there will also be the opportunity to swim in the lake. The Oku area is home to settled Fulani people and you will pass through their lands on your walk.  As well as the magnificent scenery and views, you will also have the opportunity to see a variety of crops which people are farming, including corn, cocoyams and coffee.

Accessibility & Transport:  Depending on how active you feel, you can either hike up to the lake and back or take a motorbike taxi there and walk back.  The trek there is largely uphill from Belo and takes around 5 hours, by bike taxi the journey time is 1 – 1.5 hrs.  Returning from the lake, the walk takes approximately 4 hours and takes you through the village of Anyajua.

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