Visit Minkan Peace Resort With Luxecam Tours

After a very tiring and stressful day, a cool place to visit in order to get a good rest is very important.

Secondly, cool natural resorts enable creativity. Are you looking for that kind of place?

Welcome to Minkan peace resort.

Ponds, Boukarous, Bars, restaurants, barbecue… eco tourism complex for all your relaxing moments and various events (birthdays, weddings, christenings…)

In a 100 %” nature ” decoration consisting of bungalows allowing you to spend a good time and observe the movements of fish in ponds, Minkan peace resort is a small corner of fun, calm, friendly and peaceful giving you the possibility to fully recharge yourselves.

This atypical place offers its customers local specialties.

Beverages are varied, between local and imported products the customer has a wide choice to quench their thirst.

Angling lover, this place offers you the opportunity to exercise your passion in all quietness.

Spending unforgettable moments in touch with nature.

Rates range from 3000 to 9500 frs cfa.

Now, How do you get there?

Minkan Peace Resort is located in Yaoundé – Odza (Minkan) about 45 mins from the city centre, a few meters after Minkan High School.

Open from Monday to Sunday Opening hours: 9:00-22:00 Contacts: (+ 237) 670 061 932 / 242 003 436 0 0

or you can contact us to give you an easy tour to the place and back to your destination. Our dream is to make it easy for you to achieve your dreams.

Call/WhatsApp: +237 (679) 748 824

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