How to keep safe travel after Covid-19

Everyone wonders how social travel will be post-corona!

Coronavirus disease has reached the world at large, or Covid 19. More importantly,

the disease has had negative consequences for the tourism industry. But do you always wonder if, after Covid 19,

  you will ever fly and think further on how to maintain safe travel? 

Despite the excruciating financial effects of Coronavirus disease in your pocket, it is painful to use the little money left for unsafe travel.

Most of us have profoundly suffered financially, socially, and emotionally as a result of the disease.

The disease has gloriously justified that being apart can keep us safe, unlike being together. We are no longer encouraged to keep holding our best friend’s hand during that cool trip. Social distance my amigo!

Mountain Tour

However, we need to travel and try to unwind our minds after this pandemic. How do you keep safe travel after Covid-19?

The Secret

Just ensure you observe the health guidelines stipulated by the World Health Organization on travel. We can be together, but we will not let it lose like we always did.

The post corona virus disease rules on travel will require you to at least be hygienic.

Keeping our tour vans clean and well ventilated will be a plus for you to keep safe travel.


Taking a short trip to your dream area is the second secret. One of the destinations I get a lot of inquiries about is the Seychelles. Keep it Seychelles if it’s Seychelles and restrict it to safe areas.

Don’t hit any other pretty jewelry, because it’s golden. The virus may not be golden, but it may be the cause of your fall. Hold the wow at the edge of your hands.

The third tip is really to take you on a private tour. I typically get inquiries about customers on a combined tour who want to fly. A tour where we put people together with the same passion in travel, and they share a luxury package at a discount. That makes it cheaper, mmmmh, if you didn’t know!

In this joint tour, go short. Find a private tour with a partner or your best friend or kin. In spite of their fancy sweetness, some of these combined guys might carry some viruses to brighten your safari.

The budget would be favorable either way! In order to ensure that people can fly with us and enjoy the pandemic relief, Serene will have the cheapest safari packages.

Another tip is for you to take an exciting journey to the hills and mountains. Julius is also here to sort you out the wii with African Habitat Explorer