About the South West Region

The Southwest region is one of the two Anglophone regions of Cameroon. It is characterized by a rich and always green vegetable cover, resulting from an abundant rainfall, favorable to the development of a prosperous agro-industrial activity. It is bordered on the west by the Federal Republic of Nigeria, to the east by the Littoral, West, and Northwest regions, and opens to the Atlantic on the south.

Regional Capital: Buea
Surface Area: 25,410 km2
Divisions: Fako (Limbé), Koupé-Manengouba (Bangem), Lebialem (Menji), Manyu (Mamfe), Meme (Kumba), Ndian (Mundemba)

The region is endowed with a wealth of tourism resources including colonial vestiges such as the former palace of the German Colonial Governor Von Puttkamer built at the beginning of the 20th century; Mount Cameroon, towering at 4100 meters and its still-active volcano; the Korup national park, a true living museum of more than 300 million years and home to a rich flora and fauna of a rare variety; the Limbé botanical garden created in 1892 by German horticulturists; the Limbé Zoo, open to tourist throughout the year; the Barombi lake in Kumba nested in a luxuriant decoration and many more.

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Best Season:January, June, December
Popular Location: Buea, Limbe

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