Crocodile Lake In Boboyo

A village in Cameroon located in the Far North region, Boboyo is full of beautiful little tourist sites, including the crocodile lake. It is located in the capital of the Mayo-Kani department, almost 8 km from the town of Kaélé.

With a mysterious and fascinating attraction, the crocodiles Lake of Boboyo force the admiration and curiosity of national and foreign tourists in the locality. This super beautiful lake is located at a distance of barely 10 minutes from the city center when you go there by vehicle, you can also get there by motorbike at the price of 500FCFA when you are in the city center.

Access to the site is free of charge and you can sit on public benches to admire the crocodiles coming out of the water. Crocodiles are harmless, as they are used to being fed by tourists.

Above all, don’t hesitate to take a short walk at the foot of Mount Kaélé, very close to the lake, to better admire the beauty of this magnificent landscape.

If you arrive in the Far North region, be sure to take a trip to this beautiful place to admire these crocodiles.

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