Bois de Mardock

The public garden is thought and designed by the government delegate to the Urban Community of Ngaoundéré Hamadou Dawa. Inspired by the Bois Sainte Anastasie in Yaoundé, this public garden is located on a site dotted with fir trees.

Bois de Mardock is characterized by Ecological Urbanism. It is located between the Collège de Mazenod and Ngaoundéré airport at a place called “Centrale Sonel”, at the terminus of the Meiganga-Ngaoundéré road,

The public garden is built on an area that stretches over 12 hectares which provides a good amount of oxygen to the people of Ngaoundere. Its implantation has curbed human pressure on the remaining trees in the Forest Reserve created seventy (70) years ago.

He also shows an example to other Cameroonian and African cities the importance of creating an ecological space. “Mardock Wood” is a health initiative that protects the population’s health by reducing the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. Let us remember that wood feeds on CO2, thanks to CO2 the tree trunks maintain their rigidity.

The urban community has built a restaurant, boukarous 3, a dovecote, public benches and toilets there.

In the middle of the wood, we see Mount Ngaoundéré .

Zoos are erected.

A village hall and the construction of a 20-room hotel built with local materials.

A sports platform with play ground for children.

Lakes have been developed.

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