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    Because we know Yaoundé is not enough, We will move some km first to the Ekali village in order to see all the handmade creations done by the people there. We cross Mbalmayo and make a quick stop, then your eyes…

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      The Cameroon Mountains

      3 Days

      Mount Cameroon (second highest mountain in Africa). Explore the highest mountain of Africa with its unique and breathtaking landscapes. Due to drastic changes in altitude you will enjoy a marvellous journey from mangrove forest at sea level, evergreen lowland forest, sub-mountain…

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        Ring Road Tour

        6 Days

        At the end of this tour, you will realize that you’ve gone through some of the most beautiful and exotic landscapes in the world, quite suitable for adventure and nature lovers alike. Discover a variety of landscapes, very hilly and…

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          Dschang and the Chief’s Palace

          4 Days

          From the exciting and cosmopolitan city of Yaoundé in Central Africa, you will have the opportunity to explore more of Cameroon’s history, culture, and daily life. For those who do not have a lot of time but would be interested in a short trek…

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            Yaounde City Tour

            Yaoundé is an exciting and cosmopolitan city in Central Africa. Our Yaoundé tours offer the ideal way of getting out and experiencing the sights, smells, and sounds of this vibrant city and its surroundings of the ever-fascinating Cam Capital. It is one of…

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              Yaoundé – Lobéké Park

              This is one of the highlights of Central Africa, and among the best spots in Cam for cameras! Integrated into the Congo basin, the Lobéké national park is located at the extreme south-east of Cameroon. It covers an area of…

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