About the West Region

The West Region, with its richly endowed natural attributes, is often compared with the Auvergne region of France. It is an undulating region traversed by beautiful rivers interspersed with waterfalls. It offers a series of rounded mountains, a heritage left by extinct volcanoes.
The climate here is temperate and certain areas, such as the Dschang meteorological station, register average annual temperatures of 20°C.
Surface Area: 13 892 km 2.
Population: 1 785 285 inhabitants (2010 est.).
Divisions: Bamboutos ( Mbouda), Upper-Nkam ( Bafang), Haut-Plateaux ( Baham), Koung-Khi ( Bandjoun), Menoua ( Dschang), Mifi ( Bafoussam), Ndé ( Bangangté), Noun (Foumban)

Magnificently endowed by nature, the West region was often compared to the Auvergne region in

France. It is a hilly region crisscrossed by beautiful rivers often sectioned by waterfalls. The West presents a series of rounded-off mountains resulting from old volcanoes. The climate here is moderated with two main seasons: a dry season from October-November till March-April and a rainy season beginning in March-April to end in October-November. The annual average temperature in certain localities such as Dschang and Bangou is just about 200C. Land of traditions and culture, the West region is characterized by the wealth of its handcraft and arts and their many forms of expression: pipes, clay utensils, copper masks and figurines, stools decorated with pearls, and the bamiléké dancers in their picturesque costumes. Foumban is widely considered the capital of Cameroonian handicraft. The West region presents striking tourism resources with its green landscapes along plains and valleys in addition to its rich cultural diversity.

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Best Season:All Year round
Popular Location: Kribi, Bamoun

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    Situated in the West Region, we couldn’t have left this region without stopping at Foumban to visit its palace and museum. Waking early the next morning in Bafoussam we drove…

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