Tour Into St. Pierre Cathedral and St. Paul Douala

Cathedral of St Peter and Paul Bonadibong (Cathédrale St Pierre et Paul de Bonadibong)

Located in the heart of the city, at the end of Avenue de la Liberte, St. Pierre-et-Saint-Paul Cathedral was built in 1936 by the French Spirit Fathers.

It is almost on the ruins of the first Catholic Church in Douala built in 1898 by the Pallotin Brothers from Germany and stayed in Douala until 1916. There is now no record of this first church.

The first stone of the cathedral was laid on 6 August 1933 in the presence of Monseigneur Graudin, Apostolic Prefect of the Oubangui-Chari, Monseigneur Le Mailloux and Michel, representing the Governor of the Littoral.

On March 22, 1936, the cathedral was devoted to Saint Peter and Paul in the presence of 7 bishops:

Mgr Mathurin Le Mailloux (Douala) who pronounced homily, Mgr Le Rouge (Conakry), Mgr Bouque (Nkongsamba ), Bishop Herrey (Onistsha-Lagos), Bishop Biechy (Brazzaville), Bishop Graudin (Oubangui-Chari) and Bishop Graffin (Yaounde) celebrating the mass.

There were also several authorities including Governor Repiquet and Inspector General of Colonies.

Today the cathedral is the headquarters of the metropolitan ecclesiastical province of Douala which covers the areas of the coastal, western and part of the center.

The Archdiocese of Douala is one of the oldest in the country after experiencing several changes: Apostolic Prefecture March 31, 1931, Apostolic Vicariate May 27,

Autonomous Diocese September 14, 1955. On March 18, 1982, he was erected as an Archdiocese and Mgr Simon Tonye became the first archbishop.

It is also a very beautiful sight to behold.

How to access it:

Follow Besseke Boulevard (along Douala Harbour) crossing Douala and at Bonanjo Interchange heading to Boulevard de la Liberte.

The cathedral is visible from the roundabout of Joss Bridge.

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