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Tagidor Garden Resort & Spa is a hotel complex, an eco-tourism center, a holiday village located in the locality of Bangou, West region of Cameroon. Tagidor is a highly heavenly place whose lush landscape as far as the eye can see, creates an explosion of colors that follow one another. Tagidor Garden includes: 49 individual pavilions out of 80 pavilions, 1 palace, 1 botanical garden made of local and exotic plants, 1 artificial lake, 1 stream, 3 hectares of organic farming, A restaurant, 1 zoo, An educational farm, Horse-riding centres, Fitness and conference centres, Football, basketball and tennis courts. It was built on the initiative of businessman and industrialist Francis Nana Djomou.

If you are looking for the ideal place to spend your holidays, you have found it: Tagidor Garden Resort & Spa Bangou. Whether you’re staying for one night or for the week, Bangou and the surrounding area has accommodations to suit every need.

Tagidor Garden Resort & Spa in Bangou offers 5-star accommodation with a magnificent garden and other luxurious amenities with outstanding service.

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