Municipal Lake


The company Elecnor is to restore the municipal lake in the centre city of Yaounde, they will provide green space and pedestrian infrastructures for the area. The project aims to transform this part of the city into a green enclave for leisure and tourism. The restoration of the lake ecosystem will have a direct effect on the population way of life and well-being.

The objective of the municipal lake project in the centre of Yaounde is to restore this aquatic habitat in the administrative centre of the city. until now, they have not integrate management of this ecosystem. This initiative will therefor regenerate the area and improve the infrastructures. Sports, culture and tourism can all benefit from it. Decontaminating the lake will help the city sustainable development but it will also boost the area traditional activities and generate local employment.

The renewal of this space includes cleaning the Yaounde municipal lake, the purification of waste water and rainwater in the vicinity and the creation of areas for pedestrians. To clean the water, the installation of an ozone generator is being considered which will guarantee that the process is clean and does not pollute the ecosystem.

Furthermore, new natural spaces will be created, including a botanical park and a 2-kilometre greenway with trees and endemic plants. This work will change municipal Lake and its surroundings into a healthy meeting point for the city and it will also be a new tourist attraction for the capital city of Cameroon.

To complete the recovery of the social aspect of this space, a restaurant will be built in the shape of a water lily on the lake waters, making it the only building with these characteristics in the country. The establishment will be able to hold 300 diners and will offer 360-degree views of this new green area in the city of Yaounde.

The execution stage for this transformative, sustainable project will last 24 months and it is proof of the solid backing from Cameroon’s Ministry of Housing and Urban Development for touristic and social development in Yaounde, the political capital of Cameroon.

Elecnor Group in Cameroon

The awarding of this contract for urban and environmental restoration consolidates Elecnor’s place in this African country, where it has been present for a decade. Over these years, the company has carried out several projects of great importance for the development of the country infrastructures. The most recent one has been the building of the Nachtigal Amont hydroelectric power station, a project which is going to contribute 420 MW to the national electricity grid, with a contract valued at EUR 70 million. Previously the company has worked on the construction of a photovoltaic power plant and an electricity transmission network with substations and high voltage transmission lines.


The Elecnor Group generates change and well-being. For this reason, it is conscious of the importance of its actions on people and on the environment of the areas in which it operates. Its objective is to maximise the positive impacts it has on society and the environment and minimise the negative ones, by means of responsible, ethical and transparent behaviour. This commitment is inherent in the entire development of the Group’s activities and its business strategy as well as in its relationship with stakeholders.

The Head of State His Excellency Paul BIYA has signed two decrees authorising the signing of financial conventions with Deutstch Bank S.A.E. to the tune of 21 billion Francs CFA for this major project to embellish the Municipal Lake. The project that was expected to be completed by 2018 will consist of a five star hotel, a restaurant, pleasure parks and the general cleaning of the lake and its surroundings.

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