Prime minister Lodge Buea

Located in Buea the south west region of Cameroon is residence of German colonial administrators also known as Cameroon German memorial, and later the home of the Prime Minister of Southern Cameroon has regained prominence with the fight for independence.

For Southern Cameroonians, it’s the final destination for those fighting for the independence of Southern Cameroon want to establish their government at the Prime Minister’s Lodge where it used to be.

The Prime minister Lodge was constructed in 1887 by German governor Jesco Von Puttkamer.

The first Prime minister of West Cameroon Dr. John Ngu Foncha slept here from 1961-1965 as prime minister of West Cameroon and vice president of the Federal Republic of Cameroon.
Bobe Augustine Ngom Jua 1965-1968, Solomon Tambeng( Tandeng) Muna 1968- the most hated dissolution of the Federation by Ahidjo in 1972.

The office of the prime minister was then moved to Yaounde at the lakeside residence abandoning this wonderful monument and edifice. That was the genesis of the whole problem transferring West Cameroon to East Cameroon. It is a historic building and must be preserved.

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