North West Region

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About the North West Region

Located at an average altitude of 1550 m over the sea level, the Northwest is a region of high plateaus dominated by a mountain range peaking with Mount Oku at more than 3000 m. These mountain ranges are covered by luxuriant vegetations made up of grass fields, offering a fascinating landscape. The Northwest is characterized by the panoramic contrast of plains surrounded by mountain ranges holding crater lakes and deep valleys.

Regional Capital: Bamenda.
Surface Area: 34 263 km2.
Population: 1 804 695 inhabitants (2011 est.)
Divisions :Bui (Kumbo), Donga-Mantung (Nkambe), Menchunr(Wum), Momo (Mbengwi), Boyo (Fundong), Ngo-Ketunjia (Ndop)

As a continuation of the western green plains and the volcanic high plateaus, the Northwest region is endowed with Except for the rainy season (from July till October), the region offers a convenient climate for tourism and travel all year round. The climate here is soft and cool, with temperatures hovering around 22 0 C. Bamenda, the main urban area and regional capital is a modern but also traditional city, an important commercial centre and a major road junction. A 350 km highway, also known as the Ring Road allows visitors to tour and admire the region in all its touristic diversity: traditional chiefdoms, landscapes, lakes, falls, game reserves, etc.