Noah Country Club

The Noah Country Club, created in 1977, consists of a swimming pool, four tennis courts, and a gym. Zacharie Noah, the father of the Noah siblings who died in 2017, is the founder. This sports and leisure complex in the heart of Yaoundé is improving its service offer with the renovation of a basketball court. The modernized infrastructure with the collaboration of the Basketball Africa League and ex-NBA star Joakim Noah was inaugurated at the end of January 2023.

The new basketball court improves the service offer of this sports and leisure complex. In a central region with around 23 basketball clubs and very few quality playing fields, the infrastructure is being touted as a boon for youngsters dreaming of a career in basketball. The Basketball Africa League plans to build them in several African countries to promote the discipline.

For several decades, the NBA has partnered with FIBA ​​through programs such as the Basketball Africa League, which aims to create the conditions necessary for young people to participate in the sport. It starts with the construction of dedicated grounds because while football can be played anywhere, hence its popularity, this is not the case with basketball.

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