Mefou National Park

Mefou National Park is home to Mefou Primate Sanctuary, a rescue and rehabilitation centre run by Ape Action Africa.

With rare and endangered primates in its care, Ape Action Africa is now one of the largest conservation projects of its kind in Africa.

Many of the animals arrive at the sanctuary as orphans of the illegal bushmeat and pet trades and are rehabilitated and provided with lifelong care.

In the Mefou National Park, the rehabilitation centre now hosts 320 primates, including 110 chimpanzees and 21 gorillas.

Several strategies are used to both support the maintenance of the centre and help reduce the threats to primates in Cameroon.

Furthermore, every day, the Mefou Primates Park located just 45 minutes from the capital organizes guided tours by local educators. It also proposes the “adoption” of a great ape and the sending of new biennials in exchange for financial support.

Volunteers are mobilized for daily maintenance care and any veterinary interventions. During this presentation, we will take stock of the current situation of the trade-in great apes in Cameroon.