Luxecam Tours in Partnership with Instadrive – VIP Chauffeur Car Rental Service

we are making sure we take you there in style, luxury and comfort by building stronger partnerships to better serve you. Instadrive believes in “living life king size” and we concur that there is no better way to enjoy your trip, short stay, vacation or travel around except in style and comfort.

Instadrive is known for providing car rental and leasing services to satisfy business or personal vehicle needs for customers. With a fleet of new, luxuriously equipped cars Instadrive offers the best to companies and individuals who appreciate the highest quality of assistance and require a fast and professional car rental service, whether it be for business or leisure.

Available Rides
* Toyota Corrola 2018 LE
* Toyota Starlet 2021
* Hyundai Creta 2019

“LUXECAM” stands for the Luxury Camera. Just as our name goes a vacation with us becomes more than just an escape and offers a life-changing experience with memories to live for from our luxury camera. we stand out with a genuine identity expressing diversity and stability, modernity and traditions, dynamism and calm, at once.

Our Services
* Tour Planning
* Lifestyle Showcase
* Guest Houses & Hotels Reservations
* Luxury Facilities Showcase
* Online Car Bookings & Reservations
– Self Drive Car Rentals Service
– VIP Chauffeur Car Rentals Service

Luxecam Tours x Instadrive
This two brands have partnered given the relation between their services an the fact that our missions align. Book a car by getting in touch with us today and experience an unbeatable service experience, with just a few clicks make a reservation online via our website.