Île De Manoka

Discovering Manoka Island:
Manoka Island is a place steeped in stories that are very little known to the general public. It is one of the tourist wonders of Cameroon with an ecosystem impressive in its diversity.

The visit is definitely worth it. Of all the islands found in Cameroon, that of Manoko is distinguished not only by its charm, its size, but also by its past which is steeped in history from the colonial era until today, the island has not experienced any real change. The structure of the houses has been identical since colonial era, there are still cabins with straw roofs on the stilts at the edge of the water and these offer a beautiful odyssey to tourists who come for a walk.

The preferred means of transport to get to Monoka is by boat or canoe as in the past. The road infrastructure is not yet up to date, so you have to brave the waters to reach the island. Leaving the fishing port of Youpwé, it takes thirty-five minutes, a relatively short time for someone who goes with a boat to cover the 60 kilometers that separate the island from the coastal city of Douala. The population is made up of Malimba, Bakoko and Nigerians. Their main activity is fishing, as this area is very rich in fish. The white sand beach also makes the beauty of the island an impressive exotic side.

The other particularity of the island of Manoka is above all to have succeeded in preserving the traces of the passage of the colonists. There are, for example, the remains of the Manoka prison in which the Germans locked up Douala Manga Bell. It was built of reinforced concrete, with a level of resistance that made this fortress impenetrable and indestructible so easily. Despite the years that have passed, the fort still stands. Manoka Island is full of many assets that cannot be listed in a text, the only way to find out more is to go for a visit.

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