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Ribadou Hotel is a 4-Star Hotel in Garoua in the Northern region of Cameroon.
The infrastructure of 70 rooms which opened its doors in the city of Garoua, Built entirely by Mota Engil,

The name of Ribadou hotel was chosen to name this building with its singular architecture, reminiscent of the original name of Garoua. Its commissioning satisfies many local tourists and businessmen who are passing through this beautiful Sahelian city.

In a correspondence from the Secretary General of the Presidency on July 14, addressed to the Minister of Tourism and Leisure: Kindly assign the name “RIBADOU” to the new 70-rooms hotel in Garoua which will host delegations for the African Cup of Nations (CAN).

Ribadou Hotel History:

Our story begins long before Garoua. It is the first name of the city. A story that has been written over the years, making the northern capital a cosmopolitan city full of life. A whole story to tell is this large town created under the reign of Modibo Haman DJOUNDJI from the 17th century and became this almost bicentenary city which merged with RIBADOU…

For a business trip, a private or family stay, follow the guide, Ribadou Hotel elegance and modernity come together to enhance your stay in the heart of the north.

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