Hotel La Vallée de Bana (Bana Valley)

Ideally located in the heart of the Western Region of Cameroon, La Vallée De Bana (LVB) is a hotel and tourist complex extending over 20,000m² and featuring a hotel residence, relaxation and leisure areas as well as sports facilities. Combining contemporary culture with its Cameroonian heritage, LVB residence offers a refined, meaningful and stimulating cultural atmosphere that invites its guests to celebrate the beauty of the moment and gives them the opportunity to escape from everyday life.

This Lodge hotel is a nugget. With its rooms laid out in impressive regularity, this establishment offers a wide range of services such as tours, events, massages and entertainment. Alone or with family, the luxurious facilities of the Bana Valley have styles and attractiveness. Spread over a very large area, this hotel establishment is a reference in the field.

The rooms are individual boukarous very richly decorated and distilling a feeling of infinite happiness. It is said that spending the nights in these chambers clears your mind of more than half your worries. With its large solid wood double beds, its luxurious chairs, its modern bathroom, its clean and sparkling bedding, its large windows, the rooms are almost perfect for the night.

Endowed with several boukarous, the temperate climate of Bana makes you take full advantage of its activities: sports, swimming pool, spa, tennis, table tennis, basketball, fishing in a large pond, a massage room with professionals will relax your nerves and relieve you of your pain when you return from hiking and trekking, a gym for fitness with modern and recent equipment is open daily for the happiness of their customers. The only noises that tear the silence of visitors to the site is that of birds in the early morning and early afternoon. The surroundings of the Bana Valley are conducive to ecotourism and idleness activities. A magnificent swimming pool decorates a corner of this little paradise in the heights of Bana. Discover much more than a new destination, a whole new way of seeing things.

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