Garoua Zoological Garden

Location: Latitude 9°18’47.31″N and longitude 13°23’49.28″E. Located in the heart of the city of Garoua, in the 2nd district of Garoua, the zoological garden of Garoua is a tourist opportunity if you have some free time.
With its surface area of ​​approximately 6.8 hectares, the Garoua zoo has a plant cover dominated by exotic species and a few plants of so-called native species. Its undergrowth is very rich in grasses.

Created in 1966 as a small menagerie with a park of wild animals in transit, the zoo of Garoua has undergone several changes to find itself since 1992 under the supervision of the Ministry of Forests and Wildlife.

In 1974, the zoo had a wide variety of species. There were thus elephants, antelopes, camels, large reptiles, lions, buffaloes and hyenas. Many were transferred not long ago to the Mvog-betsi zoological garden in Yaoundé. Currently, the zoo is mainly populated by Nile crocodiles whose population is over 70 individuals. The reason is simple since the Garoua zoo is one of the only ones to have successfully reproduced this species in captivity. But there is also a fish eagle, a marabou, a duiker, a Thomson gazelle, three dromedaries, a turtle, a vervet and several drills, baboons, chimpanzees and patas.

The objectives assigned to the zoo of Garoua are numerous, on the scientific, tourist, educational, socio-economic and cultural level:

  • It allows the development of leisure tourism, through the expression of the different animal species.
  • It preserves endangered species.
  • It is also a laboratory par excellence for students of the Garoua Wildlife School and other major schools in Cameroon.

After several years of virtual abandonment, work has been undertaken to rehabilitate this zoo. New enclosures are being built to accommodate lions and antelopes in the near future.

How to Access it:

The zoo is located opposite the Saint Hubert hotel and right next to the Alliance Franco Camerounaise de Garoua.


The prices for visiting the zoo are as follows:

Adult: 1000 FCFA
Child: 500 FCFA
Camera: 1000 FCFA

The Garoua zoo is worth visiting if you have the time, but don’t expect to find anything extraordinary.
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