About the Far-North Region

The Far North Region is fully justified in claiming the title of the most beautiful tourist area in Cameroon. Indeed, being located in the Sahelian zone, its landscape is dominated by the steppes and grassy savannah.

It is intersected by massifs with strange and tormented shapes, such as in the picturesque and enchanted landscapes of the Kapsikis, a favourite haunt of tourists. Rhumsiki is a veritable Mecca for Cameroon tourism.

Regional Capital: Maroua
Surface Area: 34 263 km2
Population: 3 711 792 inhabitants (2011 est.).
Divisions : Diamaré (Maroua), Logone & Chari (Kousséri), Mayo-Danay (Yagoua), Mayo-Kani (Kaélé), Mayo-Sava (Mora), iMayo-Tsanaga (Mokolo)

The Far-North region, situated at the northern end of the country and bathed by the waters of Lake Chad is endowed with several tourist marvels. The climate here is hot and dry, with average temperatures ranging from 26 oc to as high as 32.4 oc in January. Various forms of tourism can be practiced in the region

The western part of the region is characterized by mountainous highlands with enormous lava peaks of more than 1000 meters. The most famous peak is the Mchirgué, culminating at a height of 1224 meters. Hiking is practiced on Mounts Mandara around Mora and the areas around Mogodé, Mindif and Kaélé to the South of Maroua.

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Best Season:All Year round
Popular Location: Maroua

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